07. maj 2010

Sally Hansen - Uptempo Plum

Sally Hansen - Uptempo Plum je eden izmed lakcev, ki sem jih dobila v izmenjavi s Sylvio, Odtenek je črn z vijoličnim šimrom, ki zaživi na sončku, ki pa ga danes ni, tako da so slike samo s flashem.

Sally Hansen - Uptempo Plum is a wonderful dark vampy polish, the base is black and it has a lot of purple shimmer that you can not really see on the photos because there is no sun around here today, so the pictuires are all taken with flash.

I also have a question for all our USA readers. I'm really lemming OPI - Damone Roberts 1968 and I'm wondering if anyone would be so nice to order it for me, I can pay by PayPal or make it a swap.

3 komentarji:

  1. Looks nice, but it's sad that shimmer is almost invisible... :(

  2. Nice vampy purple. I hate it when the sun doens't come out to make shimmers and glitters sparkle.

  3. thanx girls.
    I'll photograph it again in sunlight and I hope I can get some nicer photos =)