31. maj 2010

Funky French

Že nekaj časa sem si želela narediti francosko manikuro, vendar si je nisem zaradi preveč zabarvanih nohtov. Danes pa sem se odločila da vseeno ustvarim nekaj podobnega.

Uporabila sem lakce:
- moder: Misa - Blue Over a Boy
- srebrn: Color Club - What a Drag
- svetlo moder: Color Club - Take me to Your Chateau

I have wanted to wear a french manicure for a while now, but it was impossible because my nails are very stained. So in the end, today I've decided to do a funky french manicure.

Nail polishes that I have used:
- blue: Misa - Blue Over a Boy
- silver: Color Club - What a Drag
- light blue: Color Club - Take me to Your Chateau

21 komentarjev:

  1. Just a note about stained nails: I've had extremely stained nails from lots of dark blue and brown polishes and have finally figured out how to get out the stains. I bought those fizzy tablets for cleaning dentures and put four of them in a small bowl with warm water and then let my nails soak for 15 minutes. Oh and since then I've noticed that staining happens quickly with some base coats but not others, so I get out the stains again and move on to another base coat. The one working well for me now is Sally Hansen continuous treatment time-released base & top coat with vita release. Best wishes! -JenB

  2. thanx JenB, I'll try this :)

  3. anček to si izjemno lepo naredila <3

  4. Joooj, kako mi je pa ta manikura všeč!!! <3
    Res, mancina ima prav, super si tole naredila, pa še barve odlično pašejo skupaj in hkrati super izgledajo na tvojih nohtkih! :D

  5. lepo lepo...čeprav sem jih že v živo vidla :P

  6. Beautiful!!!
    I love the silver striping, matches perfectly

  7. Nice ! I love the colors you've chosen :)

  8. Really pretty manicure. So unique. :)

  9. Wow, that is so pretty! I love the crisp silver line.

  10. WoooooooW! Ful dobra kombinacija! :) In res lepa izvedba. Bravo!

  11. Very nice, this would be hot in minted greens!

  12. Jackie, that is a great idea. I'll try it some time =) thanx :)