04. maj 2010

Surprise gift

Danes me je doma čakalo nekaj čudovitega!
Moj fant me je zelo lepo presenetil, dobila sem darilo. No ja, ne samo eno, ampak kar dve! :) Verjetno si že mislite, za kaj gre! ;)
Ja, dobila sem dva lakca, in sicer moji prvi Zoyi! :D
Nekako imam probleme s skrivanjem navdušenja! :D Očitno! :D
Na naslednjih fotografijah sta moji novi steklenički Ibize in Veruschke, na zadnji pa moja še skoraj sveža manikura.
Ali ni super izbral? Jaz sem totalno navdušena! =))
Hvala, lubi!*

Today there was something beautiful waiting for me at home!
My boyfriend surprised me and I got a gift. Well, not only one, but actually two gifts! :) You probaby already know what this is about! ;)
Yes, I got two nail polishes, my first two Zoya-s! :D
And now I have some problems trying to hide my excitement! :D Obviously! :D

On the next two photos there are my new bottles of Ibiza and Veruschka and on the last there is my new manicure.
Didn't he choose great two colours? I'm totally thrilled! =))

9 komentarjev:

  1. really great gift!
    I have Veruschka and I love it <3 it looks even better on your nails.
    Ibiza looks nice too, could you do a comparison of it to Essence SYF - deep blue sea? :)

  2. Anček, thank you!
    I'll try to do the comparison as soon as possible! ;)

  3. My 2 favorite Zoyas =) So far at least LOL. Be sure to try Veruschka with a glossy topcoat before you take it off!

  4. Skulda and Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, I think so too! Thanks! :)

    Colette, will do that! And those are my favorite two Zoya's too! ;)

  5. Veruschka je preprepredivna <3

  6. He choose GREAT colors! I have both and love them...for fun you should try adding a top coat to Veruschka...its gorgeous!!!

  7. Blanka, meni tudi! :)

    Jackie S. and Collete, I added top coat and I was shocked! :O This looked freakin gorgeous!! :D