30. junij 2010

Pretty little box

Danes me je poštar zelo razveselil! Prinesel mi je prekrasen majhen paketek z rožicami iz Amerike. :) Paketek je darilo prijazne blogerke jbrobeck (polish insomniac), ker sem pravilno odgovorila na vprašanje, ki ga je zastavila na svojem blogu.

The mailman made me very happy today! He brought me a beautiful little flowery package from America. :) This is a gift from a very lovely blogger jbrobeck (polish insomniac), because I correctly answered the question she asked on her blog.

Nagrada je Finger Paints lakec, odtenek Blissfully Blue, ki je prvi lakec te znamke v moji zbirki in mi je izredno všeč! V paketku pa me čakalo še presenečenje, in sicer China Glaze Matte Magic nadlak! =))

The prize is my first Finger Paints nail polish in colour Blissfully Blue which I love! And there was a surprise in the package too: China Glaze Matte Magic top coat! =)) Jessika, you're so sweet and I would really like to THANK YOU very, very much! You made my day!

And Rolling Rock ROCKS! =D

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  1. ma-tay-ah ( that is how i would tell someone to pronounce your name in English!) i am so happy that the package made it there safely! the box had note cards in it, and i thought it would be good to re-purpose it to send to you! ChG MM is my favorite matte, and Sally's Beauty stopped carrying it so I was to pick up quite a few bottles for a nominal price. I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!


  2. super izgleda, komaj čakam swatche Finger Paints lakca :)

  3. Helena, hvala! :)

    Jessika, yes, this is how my name is pronounced, but I'm to bad in English to figure that out by myself. *blush* The box was beautiful, but the people at our custom opened it and they have almost torn it apart. :( Then they taped it back together again, but I'm still a bit angry on them for ruining it. :( But I can at least still imegine it how pretty it looked when you have sent it to me, thank you! I will wear the Finger Paints as soon as I can and I will make a post about it. And then I will mattify it, hehe! :D
    THANK YOU, sweetie!

    Anček, kmalu bo NOTD in ne samo swatch. :D

  4. Very nice prize. I too cam hardly wait for Blissfully Blue swatch.

  5. Gejba, I have just posted it. :)