30. marec 2010

Creme blue comparison

Lakci po vrsti od leve proti desni na vseh slikicah:
Left to right on all photos:

Color Club - Chelsea Girl
L.A. Girl Flare - Twinkling
OPI - Suzi Says Feng Shui

sonce / sun

v senci / shade

s flašem / flash

Meni so vsi trije lakci čudoviti, nanaša pa se najlepše OPI, saj je na sliki samo ena plast.Color Club je potreboval dve plasti, L.A. Girl pa celo tri. Vsi so poslikani brez nadlaka.

I love all three polishes, but OPI has the best consistency ad there is only one layer of polish on photos. Color Club needed two layers and L.A. Girl three coats for opacity seen on the photo. All pictures are taken without top coat.

7 komentarjev:

  1. That figures. OPI can be hard to beat! Woo Hoo! Cant wait to do the swap!

  2. Thanks for the comparison! Too bad OPI had the best formula and is a slightly different shade. I was really hoping to find a dupe in the L.A. Girl Flare polish. Thanks for doing this comparison! Oh well, I'll just have to go out and buy Suzi Says Feng Shui now. ;)

  3. OPI... *drool*
    Danes sem ga videla še v Mullerju... Ojej! :)

  4. thanx girls (=

    hvala punce =)
    meni je pa najlepši Color Club :)