29. marec 2010

L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling

za vas imam spet enega modrega lepotca, ki jih v moji zbirki res ne primanjkuje. L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling je čudovit živo moder lakec, ki žal potrebuje tri plasti za popolno prekrivnost. Na slikici pa je nanešen še nadlak, saj se lakec posuši v satinast, skoraj mat finiš.

I'll show you another pretty blue polish today. L.A. Girl FLARE - Twinkling is a gorgeous bright blue color that needs three coats for perfect opacity. The photos are also with top coat because this polish dries to a satin almost matte finish.

na soncu / sun

s flašem / flash

v senci / shade

večerno sonce / evening sun

10 komentarjev:

  1. Morje... Here I come... ;))

    Prečudovit je!!!

  2. When I saw the first photo of this polish you swatched and didn't yet read the name (I'm bad, I look at the photos before I read the title I've clicked on!), I really thought this was a swatching of OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui! Maybe this is a possible dupe? Either way it's a beautiful color! Thank you for showing it.

  3. thanx girls.

    Cyan it is brighter and less dusty than OPI - SSFS, I'll actually post a comparison tomorrow ;)

  4. This is a great colour. Looks like China Glaze Flyin' High.

  5. thanx, but Flyin' High looks completely green compared to this one =)

  6. Oh, I was gonna say it looks like Suzi Says too :)

  7. Love this blue! Gonna have to hunt it down.