03. marec 2010

OPI - You Don't Know Jacques SUEDE

Danes vam bom pokazala še en lakec iz OPI Suede kolekcije, imenovan You Don't Know Jacques Suede.

Today I will show you OPI - You Don't Know Jacques Suede, that is a part of the Suede collection.

Seveda sem ga morala pred odstranjevanjem sprobati še z nadlakom, in takšen je zdržal še en dodaten dan na mojih nohtih.

Before removing it, I also tried how it looks with a glossy top coat, and I liked the result, so it stayed on my nails for another day.

Tale lakec me je prijetno presenetil, saj sem pričakovala da se bo odkrušil po pol dneva, vendar je na mojih nohtih zdržal cele tri dni, zadnji dve sliki pa sta posneti čisto pred odstranjevanjem.

This polish really surpised me, because it did not start chipping within the first two days of wear, and it lasted another day with top coat. The last two pictures were taken, right before I removed it, and i still looked great.

12 komentarjev:

  1. Thank you Charlotte, I like it too =)

  2. I never liked these suede OPI nail polishes. Don't know why. But I've heard this polish is like ''sweatpants'' for nails - quick and easy application, dries quickly and last for a long time. Still not enough for me to buy OPI np.

  3. Actually it usually chipps really fast on me, but I love the suede look and this is my favourite collection =)

  4. i love this color !! suede are just amazing :)

  5. This is very cool! I didn't know it came in suede. I bought the You Don't Know Jacque in creme yesterday.

  6. That is a beautiful color on you!

  7. Thank you girls!

    Skulda, it actually exists in creme, suede and ordinary matte version, but I like this one the most :)

  8. It looks so awesome on you!
    I can't stop starring at the photos! :)

  9. Anček, prečudovit je. :)
    Pa ne morem verjet, da ti tako dolgo zdrži, meni se je prvi dan odkrušil. :(