30. september 2012

Few manicures I liked

Danes vam bom pokazala nekaj manikur, ki sem jih nosila nekaj časa nazaj. Rada pa bi se vam vsem tudi lepo zahvalila za vso vašo skrb in pomoč, vsak komentar na prejšnjo objavo mi je ogromno pomenil! Naj vam sporočim, da se je moj noht na moje veliko veselje odločil, da bo rastel tako, kot je treba. =)) Sedaj moram samo še malo počakati, juhu! =)) Hvala vam vsem še enkrat, res sem vesela, da se lahko vedno zanesem na vas! *hugs*

Today I'll show you some manicures that I wore some time ago. And I would really like to thank you all so much for all your concern and help, every comment on my previous post meant so so much for me! I would like to tell you that my nail decided to grow as it should and I'm very happy for that! =)) Now I just need to wait a bit, yaaay! =)) Thank you all again, I'm really glad that I can always count on you! *hugs*

Kiko - 301

Kiko - 301

Kiko - 301, Kiko - 231

Color Club - Uptown Girl, Wet'n'Wild - Hannah Pinktana

Color Club - Uptown Girl, Wet'n'Wild - Hannah Pinktana

Color Club - Uptown Girl, Wet'n'Wild - Hannah Pinktana

Essence - Season of Extreme - It's Two Bright

Essence - Season of Extreme - It's Two Bright

Essence - Season of Extreme - It's Two Bright

Isadora - Mellow Yellow

Isadora - Mellow Yellow

Isadora - Mellow Yellow, Spectraflair top coat

Vam je kateri od teh lakcev še posebej všeč? Meni so kar vsi in se ne morem odločiti, katera kombinacija mi je najljubša, zato sem objavila kar vse hkrati. ;)

Which of these polishes do you prefer? I like them all and I can't really decide which combination is my favorite, so I wanted to show all of them at once to you. ;)

10. september 2012


Hi lovelies!

This post will be in English only, because it'll be probably sooo long... I have a huge favour to ask you, but please, don't read this post, if you have a bad stomach!


Let me explain what happened first...

I injured my left thumb nail three weeks ago. I got a small cut at the root of the nail and it didn't hurt at all. It still doesn't, so at least that's good. Well, I did this with sharp nail clippers when I was removing my always so stubborn cuticles. I cut myself and a bit of my nail broke and fell of, but it was so tiny and I didn't even worry. Just out of a precaution I did not polish this nail until now, but there was no wound actually, because the cut was not deep enough to hurt me. There was no blood at all, so I actully don't even know if I got to the skin. The bottom layers of the nail might even be still on, I really don't know.

I wasn't paying much attention to it, I was just sad because I didn't want to polish this nail until it grows out totally. But a strange thing happened - my nail didn't grow out as it should. Don't worry, there is no infection going on and nothing hurts me, not even a little bit. But my nail started to grow UP. Yes, you read this right, it grows at a 90 Degrees angle from as it shoud grow. It separated from my nail bed completely and it grows in upper direction. I really can't describe this well, so if you wonder how this looks, you might want to check photos bellow. I said MIGHT, because it doesn't look pretty...

So I went over to my doctor today to show her what's going on. The funny thing is that she saw me almost right after my injury, because I was there because of cold almost three weeks ago. She said that there's nothing to worry about the nail and that I don't need to come back, unless it got infected. It didn't, but I still went and showed her what's going on. And today she totally shocked me!

She said that this is very abnormal and that my nail would never grow back as it should. So that means that my nail will split up into two pieces after it "grows out" with 3 mm of space in between. She said that nothing could be done, but we can try one more thing. OK, if you have weak stomach like me, please just stop reading right now.

Well, the only possible solution might be that a surgeon pulls my entire nail off. Yes, entire nail. And yes, pulls off!!! =(( =(( =((

And even that is not 100 % sure. The worst thing there is is that I know how much this hurts. I had and accident almost 5 years ago and I pulled the entire nail on my right index finger off. It was done in an instant and I was in shock after I found out what happened to me. But this thing started to hurt, and how much! My finger was in pain for more than two months, but I was lucky and my nail grew back totally the same it was before. My passion for nail polish grew up after that because I was so lucky I had all 10 nails agan. But the pain... I don't wish this for anyone, that's for sure. It makes me sick of thinking about it and I can't even imagine that I might go through all that again. I just can't. I CAN'T.

And what I worry now is that my nail will be split for the rest of my life. It's not just aesthetical problem. You all know how much I love nail polishes and how much I would hate to see my nail like that. But the much bigger problem is that I'd had 3 mm of bare skin in between my nail and that's not good at all. The nail is there for a reason and not just that I can paint it in pretty colors. I might have huge problems in the future if I hit something with my hand. And given how clumsy I am that would happen often...

I know what I did was wrong and that I should never clip my cuticles. But what's done is done and I would like to ask for your help, my dear friends. Did you have similar experience yourself or someone you know? Well, I kinda hope not. But I still hope that at least one of you would know what to do to avoid the pulling... =((

Please please please help me with your advices!

I even asked my doctor if I can press the nail down (and I can because it is flexible enough) and then put some gel over it. I thought that it might force the growing nail to start to grow normal from then on and that the nail would attach to the nail bed after. She said that I can try that, because nothing is infected yet. And if it gets infected after this try, she said that they can pull everything off all together. Ugh, it makes me sick to even think that! =((

So please please please help me if you have any idea... I really don't know what else to do... =((

And here are the photos now, if you came all the way to here, you are probably wondering how the **** does this nail look like?

Here it is just one day after I cut myself, the cut was so tiny and "nothing to worry about":

And here it is how it looks now. The new nail grows up, that's just it. And now the sides of the nail started to lift up as well. And it still doesn't hurt, not even a little bit... Irony, perhaps?

Thank you for your every comment, I'd appreciate it even if you don't know what to do as well...